7 Days to Startup Weekend New Haven: What You Need To Know


With Startup Weekend New Haven only one week away you may be asking yourself, what are the last minute details that I need to know?  Where do I park?  What do I need to bring?

You’ll need:

– Laptop & charger
– Student ID (if applicable)
– Developer tools like git or gedit (depending on your platform of choice) loaded on your machine (if applicable)
– Designer tools like CS5 loaded on your machine (if applicable)

For those pitching, make sure to practice your Friday night one minute pitch.  Each pitch will be short and you’ll be trying to get other participants interested in joining your team, so make sure that your ideas are presented clearly and concisely.

The weekend begins with registration at 5 PM on Friday the 11th – don’t worry, great food will be provided as well as an unlimited supply of coffee, so you won’t go into the evening hungry, or under-caffeinated.

There are plenty of parking lots and garages right in the area.  Below, we’ve included a map of all the parking locations in the area surrounding the Startup Weekend New Haven site. The yellow star represents Startup Weekend New Haven @ The Grove @ 71 Orange Street in New Haven.

Contact us via twitter (@startuphaven) or email (@startuphaven@freeyourdata.net) if you have any last minute questions. We’re really excited to welcome you all to Startup Weekend New Haven – see you on Friday!

*The LAZ Parking Garage on State Street between Chapel St. and Crown St. closes at 9pm! This means if your car is parked in there past this time you will not be able to get out.