Pitching & Forming Teams


The pitching process will be fully explained on Friday night, but here are a few key points to know:

o Pitches should be no more than 60 seconds
o You only have one chance to pitch, so pitch your best idea
o No PowerPoints will be used – just your voice

Each pitch idea will be given a title and written on a piece paper. All of the pitches will be taped to the wall on one side of the room. After all of the pitches have been given, we move onto the voting.

Each attendee will be given 3 post-it notes to use as their ‘votes’. Those sticky-note votes will be stuck on the 3 ideas you would like to vote for. Feel free to use all 3 on one idea… you can even vote for your own idea. The number of people on a team will be based on the number of votes on an idea as well as the number of participants at the event.